Do as I say, not as I do

Originally life comes from the oceans. We often forget our humble past and deify our equals as if they were from a higher order. Sometimes we are unable to see that the emperor does not even wear clothes but is something foetal that only becomes a big fish because the masses carry him. Power is often build on strange belief systems.
Fish have been important symbols through the ages in different belief systems. As a species we could not have imagined that fish are our fore parents, but at some point in time we were more aware that we were dependent on the rivers, the woods, that our environment was what kept us alive.

As a species we have always created belief systems that helped us work together. We love stories, we need them to give meaning to ourselves and the world around us. Now we have arrived in an era where stories about nations, succes and growth have become so successful that it might mean the end of us.

Do as I say, not as I do
Clay, leghair, framed photos (Fujifilm photo paper), drawing, my own hair, root, play dough