My name is Margot van Ham, a visual artist based in Amsterdam. I studied Cultural Studies at the University of Amsterdam and continued studying photography at the KABK  in The Hague. During those years I worked for several cultural institutions (stichting BEWTH, The National Maritime Museum) and worked on a documentary script during a several months writing workshop at the International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam.
I moved to Barcelona in 2000 for an exchange with the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and stayed there till 2012. In Barcelona I worked as video editor for the Metronom – Fundacio Rafael Tous and made photo and video installations for dance parties and exhibitions. Sometimes working as a VJ with ClubSoftly in different venues like MauMau and collaborated with Institut Fatima. In 2003 I made a video for Shauna Hall, former band member from the 4 Non Blondes, who produced a critical song about the invasion of Iraq. During those years I organised expositions and art routes and had several group and solo exhibitions in Barcelona.
Since 2012 I am back in Amsterdam and since have been concentrating more on drawing and painting.

In 2023 I finished the BIK (Beroepskunstenaar in de klas) to broaden my knowledge about art and culture education for children at the age of primary school.

Since 2023 I work as an art teacher at a primary school.

You can see some of my projects in the classroom here.

For questions and more information send me an email:

I have two instagram pages – for visual stuff – and – kids workshops



I have two instagram pages – for visual stuff – and – kids workshops